how instant camera works

Reasons to own an Instant Camera

Be it a polaroid or an Instax, owning an instant camera is a huge thrill! Isn’t it amazing to just click and wait for that instant print to touch and feel what you just glanced through the lens. Even though there are several reasons to buy an instant camera and have it handy, I will take you through the most pushing ones!

The INSTANT element of Photography

undoubtedly the most important reason and benefit of owning an instant camera is the instant gratification it gives to the photographer. In the main days when these cameras were popular, they saved weeks and weeks of time for people who had to then wait for the washed film to arrive. The beauty with these cute little cameras is that you snap and then wait for it to magically develop, print and give you that awesome memory captured.

The Unique Imagery and print result

Not sure if everyone observes, but like many others, Josh (an event photographer from Melbourne, Australia), says he takes a polaroid camera to his events for the very reason how it adds a very special effect to the resulting photograph. It is so very different from the conventional 35mm or even digital camera. It definitely gives a more retro, stylish and unique feel to the photographs. So its awesome idea to carry a polaroid instant camera with you even though you are at a professional gig.

Great for Parties and Smaller Events & Scrapbooking

Apart from the conventional types  party photography we know, recently we have been seeing a trend of increasing use of photo booths and instant, nostalgic and personal elements of parties like the use of photo booths, photo albums, photo scrapbooks etc. These all would never be possible without instant prints, where people pose for a photos, print it, and stick the photo with a hand-written personal message. Isn’t this awesome?

Less Digital and More Personal

With more and more stuff going digital and becoming super connected, it is very easy to open up your personal world to the public or even mere strangers. The instant photography, as the print comes out from the camera, it also erases every evidence of the image captured from the world apart from the print in your hand. This makes it more personal and private that you have the only remaining copy of that memory that ever happened and can even pass one more snap to the other person 🙂 awesome right?