Polaroid vs Fujifilm Instax Instant Cameras Feature Camparison

In the past, Polaroid was identified with instant cameras and quality photographs. But that is not the same case today. Fujifilm Instax has come up with its competitive range of Instax cameras. Today they are some of the best instant cameras going around. With the competition between the two brands, many people ask is which is better; is it Polaroid or Fujifilm Instax. This answer, unsurprisingly, is that it depends on the type of camera you choose. Let us compare the two cameras before making any decision.

polaroid instant camera comparison

Fujifilm Instax Fujifilm has created a good reputation as the best brand for fun loving instant cameras such wedding and birthday party. Most Fujifilm Instax cameras, such as the Mini 8, have smaller business-card-sized prints which are ideal for the pin board display or wallet insert. Fujifilm offers an extensive Instax range so you that can choose between the easiest and simplest models or a thing more complex with additional features. There is the Mini 8, as we have mentioned above. It has a cute and bubbly design and is easy to use, making it one of the most popular instant cameras around. Today, most photography experts recommend Fujifilm Instax as the most popular and reliable instant camera model.

The amazing thing about Fujifilm Instax is its instant film which has hit the mark for clearer and crisper shots while maintaining the vintage look we love so much in our instant photos. The film is reliable and predictable, meaning that it will keep its relatively sharp quality over time.

instax camera comparison

Polaroid film There’s There is much to love for Polaroid, especially in the role it played in the good old analog days. Without this brand, we could not shake it like a Polaroid picture. That is for sure. But in the recent, Polaroid has lost some of its significant market influence, pushed aside by the innovative Instax range. Still, the brand is making a comeback with a series of high-tech instant cameras and a re-surging interest in its classic models.

Polaroid is perfect for the artsy and apish photography. Skip the birthday party this is an instant camera you want to use on holiday or for your next photography project. Most Polaroid cameras have the ZINK® Zero kind of Ink technology. This technology is tear-resistant and smudge-proof. As the case with all instant photographs, the image quality isn’t what you’ll get with photos from a DSLR. But that is not the point with instant cameras, is it?

While the so-called Fujifilm Instax camera is perfect for lovely and fun loving occasions, Polaroids are for the official and severe events. The newly-released Polaroid Snap characteristics such as optional Instagram filters as well as photo booth mode in which it takes six (6) pictures in quick succession. Polaroid’s chunkier Social-matic allows you to upload your photos onto social media. It is now actually possible to keep using your old 80s Polaroid model in new, original photographs as well. The Fujifilm Instax provide a broad range of stylized photography options, including black and white. But as with the Polaroid film, they are on the pricey side.