History of Polaroid Instant Cameras

In definition, the Polaroid instant cameras are camera series of instant film which were created by Polaroid Corporation. This corporation was founded in the year 1937 by Edwin Land. The main mantra that was behind the development of the Polaroid instant camera was to come up with a camera that would ease photography and also make it fun.

It was also to be able to achieve an instant result which would make it possible for the people who have had their photographs taken be able to have them back and have a look of the actual result in a matter of seconds. Following the history of Polaroid cameras, you will notice that for one to get the picture result, they would have to wait a couple of days for them to be developed up until the introduction of these instant Polaroid cameras. Later on in the year 1963, the Polaroid Corporation was able to introduce the idea of the instant color film for the Polaroid instant camera.

History of Polaroid Instant Cameras

The Evolved Film Usage of the Instant Polaroid Cameras over Time

When tracing the history of Polaroid cameras, it is clear to say that over the years, the cameras have evolved using three different types of film. The films include:

The roll film: It required two film rolls which performed their own different parts during the development process.

The Polaroid cameras also made use of the pack film: Usage of this film included removal of the film physically from each of the slots and then ultimately removing the layer of the film by hand in order for one to be able to complete the development process.

Finally, following the evolution of the Polaroid camera, it was modified to be able to make use of the integral film: This is the one that has an iconic white bordered film also known as the  hands off’ film which is able to self develop the picture on its own without any manual hand help like the iconic film required. In the history of Polaroid cameras, this is the latest film that is popularly associated with the Polaroid cameras.

Reason for Popularity of the Polaroid Instant Camera

Compared to its popularity in the past, t5he Polaroid camera has currently received bigger resurgence. The reason why the popularity has increased is due to the growing popularity of the retro style and the vintage style of photography. The Polaroid instant cameras provide very original and interesting print styles that are only unique to them. In addition to this, they are sold at relatively cheap prices which increases their popularity the more.

The Downfall of Owning a Polaroid Instant Camera

The only disadvantage that one may experience for owning a Polaroid instant camera is the fact that it may get really hard and a little bit costly to get the most suitable film that would work well for your camera. However, there is a group, the Impossible Project, which is aiming at creating new instant films that work well for the Polaroid cameras. These films can be purchased on online stores such as Amazon or eBay and also in specialist film and camera shops.

The history of the Polaroid instant camera reveals its uniqueness which makes photography fun and easy. They are highly recommended for any enthusiast of photography and any photographer who likes the idea of having instant physical mementos even in this age that is highly dominated by the non-physical digital photography. Thanks to the Perth based event photographer – Partysnapper Perth for enlightening us with this information.